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Screenings of Bucharest Express

December 9, 2005 - Bucharest Express will be shown in New York. The screening is at the Pioneer Theatre, East Village, at 7 pm. Please view the theatre's website for ticket information: www.twoboots.com/pioneer/

August 11-14, 2005 - The Wadsworth Atheneum  will show Bucharest Express in a venue in the Aetna Theatre as part of the 2005 Summer Film Series. For further information please view http://www.wadsworthatheneum.org/do/attend-films.php or call the box office (860) 278-2670, ext. 3142 to purchase tickets.

June 4-6, 2004 Bucharest Express  is shown at the Flint Film Festival in Flint Michigan. The festival is held at Mott Community College's Regional Technology Center. See www.flintfilmfestival.org for more information.

April, 2004 Bucharest Express Accepted by the Tivoli International Film Festival, held at Bard College in New York, June 25-27th. The festival is focusing on inventive international films whose ideas have been banned or censored for political, cultural, or social reasons. The films shown at the festival will critique and convey themes that are considered subversive in their countries of origin. The festival will illuminate subject matter that may not always reach the mainstream media, but that has an important place on the global stage. For more information on the festival click below.


Bucharest Express also has been selected for showing at Christ Church in Cambridge, Mass. as part of an 8-week series of films addressing worldwide issues of concern. This showing will be on April 12th at the church at 7 p.m. For more information on Christ Church, please click below.


March 28, 2002 - Bucharest Express Screenings Cross the Globe! The First American screening of Bucharest Express will take place at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut (USA). The screening of the film will be on the 2nd of April, 2002 at Yale University, in the Henry Luce Auditorium, at 4pm. Natalia Tkachenko, the Moldavian investigative reporter is being brought to campus by the Yale Center of International and Area Studies. The center is sponsoring the screening under the direction of Dr. Brian Carter. Natalia was one of the first to report on the trafficking of Moldovian women, and helped to write the script. Natalia toured the USA in 2000 telling her story and now is expected to speak on the panel with Dr. Chuck Portz, the director of the film.

Additional Screenings Announced! Columbia University, NYC: Continuing on a tour of the Ivy's, Bucharest Express will be shown at the Columbia School of Journalism on the 3rd of April, 2002, at 9am. Natalia Tkachenko will also speak at Columbia, along with Chuck Portz.

Harvard University: A screening of Bucharest Express at Harvard University is scheduled for the 7th of May, 2002, at 4pm, at the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Lecture Hall. Reception will follow. The panel is currently being assembled.

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WORLD PREMIERE! The world premiere showing of Bucharest Express will take place in Moldova. The 19th of May, 2002, has been set as the date for this showing of the film. It is scheduled to run for five days. The event will take place in Chisinau, the capitol of Moldova (and the city featured in numerous location shots in the film). The country will also enjoy celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moldavian Film Company on the the 18th of May. The event is coordinated by Valentin Todercan, the director of the Moldova-Film Studio.

Bucharest Express went to the UK! The prestigious Bradford Film Festival in England (which took place on the 10th of March, 2002) was the first festival where Bucharest Express was a participant. Director Chuck Portz was there to present the film. Reactions to this screening were incredibly positive!

July 2, 2001: The following is a copy of one of the early press releases that went out to promote interest and coverage regarding Bucharest Express. Enjoy!

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Tolerate not evil against humanity. And when thee is powerless to do anything else speak with vigor. Protest! these were the words of Daniel Anthony, a 6th generation Quaker, to his daughter Susan B. Anthony. And, protest she did, against the great injustices to women embedded and perpetuated in American society, culture, and law despite the noble sentiment extolled in our Constitution that all people were created equal. Today, women in America and the world over are inheritors of her unrelenting, vigorous efforts for equality and justice; they are inheritors, too, of the wisdom and moral clarity of her father.

Even so, millions of women and girls living in the world today do not share in this inheritance. They continue to be the victims of terrible evils and abuses. Primary among these evils is sexual trafficking − the recruitment, harboring, transfer, and sale of persons (overwhelmingly females) into commercial sexual exploitation.

Such human rights violations demand that we speak out, protest. The film Bucharest Express does just that in a telling story that sadly portrays an everyday reality for women and girls around the world. Through the message of this film, audiences hear victims cry for help and plea for justice.

Lisa Thompson
The Salvation Army National Consultant
Abolition for Trafficking in Persons and Prostitution


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