An American journalist, a mysterious Gypsy woman and a bookkeeper with an inside angle try to stay one step ahead of a gang of ruthless killers as they uncover the horrors of the human trafficking of sex slaves in the Balkans.

Young women are being transported to Bucharest with false promises of jobs as dancers and models. Once there, they are traded for heroin, stripped of their passports and shipped to Turkey for a life of prostitution.

Countries throughout the former Soviet Union provide a chilling backdrop to a tangled web of corruption, betrayal and romance as this unlikely band of heroes tries to uncover the secrets of the flesh-for-heroin trade. Join them on an edge-of-your-seat adventure with a one-way ticket on the Bucharest Express.

Bucharest Express is not a documentary, but rather a hard-hitting mystery that blows the lid off the ruthless trade of young women.