CWA Laments Dramatic Increase in Sexual Trafficking Dec 2003 -

      WASHINGTON, June 12 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Secretary of State Colin Powell released the 2003 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report Wednesday. "The third time's a charm. After two inadequate and flawed annual reports, the Trafficking in Persons office has finally released a credible report about the extent of the sex trafficking industry," said Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, CWA's expert on the sex trafficking issue. "And they've responded to our objection to policies that have failed to protect women and children and thus increased sex slavery."

      "When all is said and done, the sex trade is about victims," said Dr. Crouse. "People have to understand the human dimensions of the issue and care about its victims before they will be interested in the laws and policies that are necessary to eradicate this multi-billion dollar industry."

      The third annual State Department TIP Report reveals an increase from 500,000 victims last year to 800,000 to 900,000 victims this year who were trafficked across borders. The Bush administration's current focus is two-pronged: decreasing the demand for women and children for the sex trade and decreasing the number of victims.

      Dr. Crouse said, "The sex tourism industry, for instance, has increased the demand for prostitutes and thus has contributed to the significant increase in abductions of girls for sex slavery. Sadly, the 2003 TIP report indicates an increase in the demand for boys, too. And, until the 'demand' side of the equation is addressed, there will be no reduction in the number of victims."

      At a preliminary conference on Tuesday attended by Dr. Crouse, former Rep. John Miller, director of the Trafficking in Persons office, revealed that President Bush will decide in the coming months whether sanctions will be imposed on low-ranking countries. Miller also revealed that the Justice Department will release next month a first-time analysis of the sex trafficking problem in the United States.

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